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Visionaries have made life move faster. From your phone to expedited delivery to connected homes, invention has created innumerable efficiencies. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your pricing software?

Pricefx believes that software should help you to do your job faster by integrating seamlessly with preexisting systems and operating intuitively.

Whether it's reacting to internal or marketplace changes, optimizing strategy and executing in real time, or making adjustments at the global or individual level, speed is more vital to how pricing happens than it is to any other industry.

On this page, we’ve curated a wide selection of content focused specifically on speed. As the pricing industry evolves, we trust our instincts and ingenuity to keep us ahead of the industry curve.


Why Your Sales Team Isn’t Negotiating Prices: Train Them to Start

Key Takeaways:  A lot of sales teams are great at closing deals, but not all are great at negotiating at the price you set. Build confidence with proper project planning and training to achieve pricing success Search the web and you will find millions of results showing customers how to negotiate for a lower price. But an honest conversation with most sales people will reveal that customers might not need such an education in pricing negotiation – they do well on their own. According to experienced pricing expert and author Joanne Smith, “competitive business” is the main objection to pricing


How to Capitalize on Speed to Improve Pricing Processes

Key Takeaways: If you want to be competitive in pricing, you will need to move faster. There are three key ways you can start using speed and efficiency to determine your pricing At the Davos World Economic Forum Digital Transformation of Industries Panel, several panelists remarked on the role that speed plays in shaping the future of business. We could not agree with them more. In fact, when it comes to pricing strategies, speed might play a bigger role in shaping the outcome of the strategy. It’s not always enough to have a good product. Setting the right price at


Speed Drives Sales, Time to Step on the Gas!

Key Takeaways: Lengthy sales cycles lead to lost deals Prospective buyers have often already performed 57% of the buying cycle before contacting you Having the ability to align your pricing globally leads to more successful deal closing The longer a lead lingers, the more likely it’s lost. Ask any salesperson, not being able to react to opportunities in a timely fashion, with informed pricing, will leave you out in the competitive wilderness. So, if you are not leveraging a fast, dynamic price management solution into your sales process, you are setting yourself up for a financial fall. Time to take

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